Expanding horizons to reach the unreachable through writing…


I’m longing to cry, like a sunflower longing for the Sun to shine upon it. It’s surprising for a girl, who was once so sensitive and emotional that she would cry over the silliest and most petty of things, to now find it difficult to grieve upon her sorrows. There is no tragical tale inContinue reading “Drought”

An Unexpected Turn!

Hello everybody! Hope you are doing well! Okayyy, so some of you might have seen a post recently published on ‘The Bold Vibe‘ by me. If you haven’t, then please check it out here. I know her blog hasn’t been very active recently. Well, we all know about it. You must be wondering where ‘TheContinue reading “An Unexpected Turn!”

It’s time…

Lurking through graveyards, all around the world. Probably, there were too many for it to cover in the span of time it had (literally every place is a graveyard, even one’s heart). It took me in my sleep, into the darkest corner, to tell me that I was dead. It held me in its arms,Continue reading “It’s time…”

Unlit thoughts…

All the places around me are lit. Probably we humans, are the darkness that allows them to shine. I’m an observer; a secretly invasive one. I try to look around for someone I can observe, but who would come outside at 10pm on a Diwali night? What else can I look at? Answer- the balconies!Continue reading “Unlit thoughts…”

Paint your words #3

Hey guys! I hope you all are doing fine! I’m finally back with the third paint your words challenge. I haven’t hosted this in a long while… 😅 I know I’m inconsistent, you don’t need to tell me 😂 Do you wanna know why? Okay, let me tell you, but remember it’s a secret. IContinue reading “Paint your words #3”


Eyes blind, Ears deaf, Limbs numb, And lungs tired of breathing. Walking into oblivion, Finally takes her mask off, Changing this masquerade into a candid reality, Back to her senses, now… -Kamya Seervi © Copyright Keep up with Kamya – All rights reserved


I want to be alone for once, so that I don’t feel lonely. Why do I feel lonely, when I’m not really alone? Perhaps, I need to spend more time with myself than with others. © Copyright Keep up with Kamya – All rights reserved


It rains when I cry; it shines when I smile. When I rage, there’s a storm, and when I’m in peace, the cloudless sky takes its place. On rare occasions when I grant a wish, I send a star down there. I hope you receive it all… I grant others their wishes, but what aboutContinue reading “Stars”

Snow in the orchards

“What did your parents say?” asked Aasa, curiously. “What could they say? It felt so awful asking them for it. They really wanted to get it for me, but obviously, they couldn’t afford it. I’m sure they felt like horrible parents who couldn’t fulfill their child’s wish. I could see it in their eyes; theContinue reading “Snow in the orchards”

Teacher, you are…

You are the colors that make our lives rangolis, You are the words that build up our stories, You are the threads to our kites, You are the candle that lights, All our caliginous paths and sights. Teacher, you are the ladder to our success, Illuminating our bulb of ideas that flouresce. Can’t express enoughContinue reading “Teacher, you are…”


Today’s a day, that I’m not very fond of. I hardly show any excitement for this ‘special day’, ’cause it hasn’t really been special for me all these years. Last year, I was so messed up. This day was worse than any other regular day. Though, there was a good part to it too andContinue reading “Grateful”


“She is not a snake, but a slithering river, Carrying water full of memories, Bearing the weight of her heavy emotions, And eroding them into distorted ones. One dareth cross paths with her, For she is not dead yet, She will linger on for eternity, Looking over at you with a tranquil smile.” – KamyaContinue reading “Epitaph”

The golden bird

A secular bird it is, in this desert-like world, she’s an oasis. A bird embellished in sacrificial offerings, keeping her head up high, even in the time of suffering. She always wanted to be white, to be a symbol of peace, not spite, but it was their mistake, who painted her golden, and dared theContinue reading “The golden bird”

A nest of happiness…

Once upon a time, two birds were flying side by side. They didn’t know each other, but they felt like they had been flying with each other for days. They swept, they swirled, they flew with each other for days. They roamed around, explored different places together and eventually fell in love. Well, falling inContinue reading “A nest of happiness…”

Time is Sorcery

Below is the narration to a play script I wrote a year ago. I wasn’t into writing back then. I only wrote for school assignments and stuff, but I just decided to put it out here for you all to read and tell me what you think about it. Time is Sorcery Sometimes you mayContinue reading “Time is Sorcery”

3 more awards!

Bonjour! Comment çava? Hehe, French! Hello! How are you? I recently got nominated for three awards by two amazing people: tk brown writer and Tarushi! I’m really grateful to both of them for nominating me for the following awards… The Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award Thank you so much tk brown writer for nominating me forContinue reading “3 more awards!”

The odd pick

Covered in parched leaves and twigs, the glimmering golden key lay there in isolation. It shone into the girl’s pearl-like eyes, but couldn’t allure her. The key could lead her to open a magical door, but she decided to open the door of nostalgia instead. She chose to pick the grimy pinecone, that reminded herContinue reading “The odd pick”

Paint your words #2

Hey y’all! What’s up? Are you ready for the second paint your words challenge? So, here’s the painting! It’s pretty simple, but I like the unique concept. It can trigger so many different thoughts… A painting can be looked at from various different perspectives and based on that a story can be created. So, hereContinue reading “Paint your words #2”

Midnight madness! 😜

I haven’t been writing anything lately. I’ve been fooling around and enjoying my holidays. I write when some idea strikes my mind, or when I want to express my feelings out. I’m a little out of ideas now. I don’t know. It’s normal and can happen to any writer/poet. I wouldn’t call it writer’s block,Continue reading “Midnight madness! 😜”

Paint your words!

Surprise!! Look what’s here! I recently started painting a little. I use ideas from Pinterest and try to copy them. I think every painting has a story to tell. A painting can be looked at from various different perspectives and based on that a story can be created. I thought why not start a challenge,Continue reading “Paint your words!”


The smell so petrichor like a rainy day, The leaves so dry, Miss autumn they obey, The sun so bright, I think it’s a summer afternoon, I encounter the chilled winter breeze, and realise, it’s time to attune. – Kamya Seervi It’s something that I randomly wrote while thinking about how strange this world is.Continue reading “Attune”

She was too late…

Opening the balcony door, she reached out to the railing. She did what she always did: looked around curiously at the society in front of her; the cemented path below, the dry and pale farms at her left and the branches peeking from the small park. She felt the chilling breeze upon her face, andContinue reading “She was too late…”

My First Penable Award!!🎉🎊🎉🎊

😂😂 I know what you’re thinking… Another award?? Oh god! Get this over with! Well, just when I went on my short break, my poem ‘Beyond the clouds‘ was announced the 2nd runner up in the Thursday Poetry Competition, hosted by H.R.Phoenix!! Yayyy!!! 🎊🎉🎉🎊😄😄 Rules: 1) Tag your post with the #penableaward2) Display the PenableContinue reading “My First Penable Award!!🎉🎊🎉🎊”

The Small Joys Award!!

Hehehehe! I’m not done yet… (Again, access my site if the GIFs aren’t available here) How can I forget about the small joys award, the Bold Girl nominated me for? It’s so good to know that I bring joy to her! And also how can I ignore the fact that she called me cuteness… She’sContinue reading “The Small Joys Award!!”

7 in 1 (#2)

Oh my god! I’m here again with another 7 in 1 post! You know what it is… 7 more awards!! Yay! 🎉🎊🎉🎊😄😄 Again, it’s a veryyyyyyyyyy long post, so brace yourselves! I think it’s soooooo long that no one’s gonna read it till the end. (In case, you’re having trouble seeing the GIFs here, pleaseContinue reading “7 in 1 (#2)”

A purpose

I mourn the death of my soul every day, And savour its rebirth in every way. I enjoy the process of unlearning the inappropriate, And getting the chance to know the reality, by opening a new gate. For all this time, I had been longing to know life’s meaning, I realized it’s meaningless, and whatContinue reading “A purpose”


Hi everybody! How are you doing? I know I haven’t been around for about a week and I have an explanation. Not that it matters. What matters is I’m back! For some reason, the GIFs aren’t working on the WordPress reader, so please read this on my site to enjoy it. First of all, noContinue reading “Revival!”

Sea of the dead…

Pierce my heart with a thousand needles, And make it porous, So, it can float and bleed in the sea of the dead. – Kamya Seervi © Copyright Keep up with Kamya – All rights reserved

Dedicated to Popeye

Dear Dad, I’ve never really done much for you, but I really want to express my feelings and respect for you. I really don’t know what to say… I love you! You’ve given me so much of love and wisdom, that I would keep cherishing my whole life. You cook such delicious food and waitContinue reading “Dedicated to Popeye”

Beyond the clouds

The real world is nothing but a disappointment, And my dream world is what I call an ointment, That I apply to my wounds, To heal them and forget about the ruins. A world beyond the clouds, Where no one else is allowed. It’s not cold and bittersweet, There’s just some absence of severe heat.Continue reading “Beyond the clouds”

Unboxing memories…

It’s times when you clean your cupboard, And come across the useless things you hoard. You see that cute old dress, And realize it’s not really useless. Your memories are encrypted in everything, All you need to do is cling. Cling on to those happy moments, And stop them from being stolen. Believe me; youContinue reading “Unboxing memories…”

Hey competitor!

I know how you caress my hair, Just to earn my trust, And snatch it away as you dare. You know you’ll fail to do so, But you still won’t give up, And try to break my flow. You throw a punch in my face, With a pinch of freshness, And that is what IContinue reading “Hey competitor!”

You were…

My pen betrays me every time, Whenever I try to describe how your eyes used to shine You used to make every string of my heart sing Rub medicine on my every sting  You were the apricity that I used to seek  When the world seemed Greek You were that wonder; that made me ponderContinue reading “You were…”

Make it up to her!

Sitting in your houses, Everyone I know just browses, Glued to your screens, Oblivious to mother nature’s screams. I wonder why you don’t see, How Ms. Nature gives us glee, Undulating mountains, blue oceans, slithering rivers, Oh! The thought of it gives me shivers… We’ve had such negative effects, Our behaviour is what reflects, ThatContinue reading “Make it up to her!”

100+ Followers!!

Well, I’m back with another post! I think I’m making up to all those posts that were pending since many days. 😂 Guess what? You don’t need to guess, I’ve already made it very obvious with the title and picture. 😂 I reached my first 100 follows on my blog in less than two months!!Continue reading “100+ Followers!!”

The Food Award!!

Well, I have already posted a blog addressing 7 awards earlier today, but I got nominated for another one by none other than Shreya (WildHeart). Thank you so much Shreya for nominating me for the Food Award! She writes beautiful poems and she’s a really sweet person. Please go check out her work! Rules: ThankContinue reading “The Food Award!!”

7 in 1

Hey guys! It’s been long, isn’t it? No it hasn’t… It’s only been 13 days! Well, here I am! Is this a series of mini games? No, this is a blog addressing 7 awards! Yay! I’m insanely happy! First of all, I’m really grateful to all those amazing bloggers who have nominated me for theContinue reading “7 in 1”

An illusion

I looked at some old pictures, And saw how much we’d changed, For all the moments we had captured, Will forever be estranged. You left me during my easiest times, And I’m glad that happened, Because you committed some crimes, That I never would have forgotten. You weren’t a true friend, Not like the wayContinue reading “An illusion”

Mother’s day gifts!

She cooks for us, she cleans the entire house, she goes to the office and comes back everyday to see our smiling faces at home. She does everything for us, and what do we do? We sit around and keep cribbing about our things. We can’t even do our work on our own. Let’s thankContinue reading “Mother’s day gifts!”

Thank you, mom!

You wipe my tears away, And leave my fears astray. You lead me to the right way, And enlighten me as you say. I love your hugs the most, As your love doesn’t have a cost. You shower your love upon me, And my happiness is all you see. Thank you, mom, for always beingContinue reading “Thank you, mom!”

Dear Kamya,

Dear Kamya, Hi! This is awkward, even though I’ve written to you before. So, the last time I wrote to you, I asked you about your life, but you haven’t replied yet. You never reply. I always keep writing letters to you and I never get a reply. I do get disappointed, but I don’tContinue reading “Dear Kamya,”

Territorial Conflicts

Raging people initiating protests, mutual hatred amongst governments and countries, local residents getting affected and what else? This is just a little glimpse of how territorial conflicts impact human life. Students of First Steps School, Chandigarh are onto something new this time. We’re studying a subject which is called Global Perspectives. You might have gaugedContinue reading “Territorial Conflicts”

Garden of silence

“I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful – an endless prospect of magic and wonder.”                                                                                                            -Ansel Adams Some time ago, I explored a whole new little world of tranquility and serenity. I took a step in the garden and I was awe-struck and mesmerized by the peaceful and pleasant ambience around. With each stepContinue reading “Garden of silence”

My invisible wall…

You would laugh, You would cry. Even if you couldn’t, You’d try. You’d try to stay at the same page, And get locked up in the same cage. You’d pick me up when I fall, And come right away as I call. You’d be my invisible wall, Always standing straight and tall. You’d be thereContinue reading “My invisible wall…”

“Not all those who wander are lost.”


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