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Short walk; long talk…

I go out for a short walk; hoping to see some stars in the night sky. Unfortunately, there’s not a single one to spot. I wish my nights were more starry. Well, at least I have flowers and beautiful plants to see around. Despite the fact, that they are blossoming and creeping over the wall from the other side. This side of the wall is dark, and it’s just like my life. No dreams to look up to and the only happiness I get is others’. No matter, how much I try to plant the seeds of happiness, all I get is thorns to bear. I guess the soil isn’t fertile enough on my side. I want to be able to be happy on my own. I want to feel that pleasantness, but for some reason, I need others to stimulate it in me. Why can’t I just be happy from within, without having my surroundings happy? Uff! Overdose of the word ‘happy’…

I know why: my emotions keep working against me when they should be working with me. All this time, my brain was making me think that I won’t be able to be genuinely happy from within. It’s not onerous for one to feel happiness and love. It’s as easy and simple as it could be, so I decide, I’m not going to be the push-start machine that requires stimulation from others to feel pleasant and loved. Let me feel the love come from within and that happiness radiate from me.

It doesn’t matter if I can’t see the stars. I am the star of my life, and only I’m responsible for my happiness. Let me not expect the flowers to bloom instantly. I’m going to focus on the process because that is what is going to bring out the outcome-happiness. Let me sow in the seeds, water them, nurture them and see those flowers bloom beautifully…

P.S.- I know this isn’t like a usual post, but I thought I needed it, and maybe you needed it too. Just ponder: do you want to be a self-start machine or a push-start machine? Don’t let your surroundings or the people around you decide your feelings or emotions. Take a step inwards, and change your thinking. Make your brain work with you.

Also, most of the content/ideas in this post have been inspired by Sadhguru. I recommend you all to listen to his talks. They are profound and deep yet simple when we realise what is being talked about. I hope you all learn something new or teach me something (I’d love to listen to your thoughts). Until the next time we meet, carpe diem!


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6 thoughts on “Short walk; long talk…

  1. Kamya didi, you can’t possibly guess my reaction after reading this. I am left in complete awe for this post, and hats off to you for writing this. I love the point where you question why you are not able to find that happiness within. I have spent a long time pondering over this. I think it’s because we know what’s at stake, we’ve met these people we call our friends, and there comes a point when you have to start explaining yourself, justifying your actions. I don’t know how much this makes sense, but I’m sure we will find the answer one day.
    The last paragraph is an absolute favorite, and I love what you’ve written there!

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    1. Aww, thank you so much Rishi!!
      Yes, a lot of us have been trying to find the answer to that question, and it’s as simple as it could be. It’s ourselves brain working against us…
      We have the answer, it just depends on us using that answer. I hope we all do!

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