The girl on the balcony (Chapter-6)

This is the last chapter… Hope you like it

Where I am meant to be…

I was out on my balcony again. This time just pondering. Why did I like being out there so much? Why couldn’t I just be in my room? And I found it; I found the reason why.

Sitting inside a room for too long is like rebreathing the same air. Rebreathing the same air is equivalent to having the same experiences over and over again. And, I can’t stand it. I can’t stand having the same experiences over and over again. 

I’m not meant to be inside closed doors and walls. The more I stay in, the more suffocated I feel. That’s why I look forward to the world outside, for it makes me feel free and liberated. 

I see people doing their namaz; people enjoying the weather; people vibing to music, and whatnot. In a way, observing them, allows me to have the same experience as they’re having. When I look at them, I don’t feel like I’m just a girl on the balcony. I feel like I’m looking through their glasses, and seeing the world as they see it. Maybe, some of them see me too. And they wonder, how I see this world. At times, the thought of being observed scares me. But, in the end, they’re only going to see what I show them, and it goes the same way around: I’m only seeing what they’re showing me – life.

Published by Kamya Seervi

A poetess consumed by wanderlust and eaten up by the eagerness to know about the mysteries of life. A poetess, writer, traveller, wanderer, ponderer and fitness enthusiast. I'm a fifteen-year-old and I love expressing my thoughts through poems, blogs, essays and other pieces of writing. I hope you like my work!

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