The girl on the balcony (Chapter-5)

Heya! Hope you’re enjoying the series. Just telling you that this chapter specifically is fiction; nothing this exciting could really happen in my life, okay? 😂 Now go on, read Chapter-5. I’m kinda excited for you to read this… Looking through his glasses… I was standing on the balcony with him. He had his elbowsContinue reading “The girl on the balcony (Chapter-5)”

The girl on the balcony (Chapter-4)

Heya! Please read the previous chapters before you read this, it’ll be much better. Hope you’re liking these views I’ve been sharing from my balcony… Well this time, it’s different. I’m not the one on the balcony, someone else is… If you want to find out what happens, read with me Chapter-4 of ‘The girlContinue reading “The girl on the balcony (Chapter-4)”

The girl on the balcony (Chapter-3)

Hello! You’ve probably read Chapter-1 and Chapter-2 of this story. If not, you have the chance now. This entire story is a compilation of my observations and most of it is fiction, so don’t take me too seriously 😜😂 Anyways, let’s move on to Chapter-3… The peahen that danced in the storm… It was aContinue reading “The girl on the balcony (Chapter-3)”

A eulogy for a special someone

Ever experienced the salty sea breeze bracing towards you, like it does not have an end; it can go on forever? That’s what being with her was like; receiving constant surges of emotion, be it love or hatred. Our relationship or I’d rather say bond, was like a coast: I-the beach and cliffs, and she-theContinue reading “A eulogy for a special someone”

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