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Eyes blind,

Ears deaf,

Limbs numb,

And lungs tired of breathing.

Walking into oblivion,

Finally takes her mask off,

Changing this masquerade into a candid reality,

Back to her senses, now…

-Kamya Seervi

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Keep up with Kamya – All rights reserved



It rains when I cry; it shines when I smile. When I rage, there’s a storm, and when I’m in peace, the cloudless sky takes its place. On rare occasions when I grant a wish, I send a star down there. I hope you receive it all…

I grant others their wishes, but what about mine? No-one ever asked about my wish. My wish is to remain unknown and ambiguous forever. And, for my wish to be fulfilled, you must send your stars up here too…

© Copyright

Keep up with Kamya – All rights reserved

Teacher, you are…

You are the colors that make our lives rangolis,

You are the words that build up our stories,

You are the threads to our kites,

You are the candle that lights,

All our caliginous paths and sights.

Teacher, you are the ladder to our success,

Illuminating our bulb of ideas that flouresce.

Can’t express enough gratitude towards you,

For you are too kind and good to be true…

– Kamya Seervi

Happy Teachers Day 2020: Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Speech, Images, Status  and Greetings - Times of India

Happy teachers’ day to all the wonderful teachers out there!

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Keep up with Kamya – All rights reserved


“She is not a snake, but a slithering river,

Carrying water full of memories,

Bearing the weight of her heavy emotions,

And eroding them into distorted ones.

One dareth cross paths with her,

For she is not dead yet,

She will linger on for eternity,

Looking over at you with a tranquil smile.”

– Kamya Seervi

Since 2005…

© Copyright

Keep up with Kamya – All rights reserved

The golden bird

Golden bird wallpaper by Y0SH1zzzz - fb - Free on ZEDGE™
Picture reference

A secular bird it is,

in this desert-like world, she’s an oasis.

A bird embellished in sacrificial offerings,

keeping her head up high, even in the time of suffering.

She always wanted to be white,

to be a symbol of peace, not spite,

but it was their mistake,

who painted her golden, and dared the beasts to wake.

The beasts ruled, and slaughtered her,

but did the fighters deter?

The united birdlings fought and raged,

and finally, she was uncaged.

Now, spreading her glorious wings,

India, the golden bird, ascends and sings,

to a billion peoples’ heartbeats and tunes,

and reaches her way to the moon,

and beyond…

– Kamya Seervi

A few days ago, I came across an online national level patriotic poem competition, and I knew I wanted to participate. The deadline for submission was the same day, so I quickly opened Word and started typing whatever came to my mind. I didn’t have enough time… This is all I could come up with. I wasn’t sure if it’s good enough (of course, I was writing a patriotic poem, I had to make sure), but then I didn’t have more time to think, so I submitted this. I hope you like it.

Happy Independence Day!

© Copyright

Keep up with Kamya – All rights reserved

The odd pick

Covered in parched leaves and twigs, the glimmering golden key lay there in isolation. It shone into the girl’s pearl-like eyes, but couldn’t allure her. The key could lead her to open a magical door, but she decided to open the door of nostalgia instead. She chose to pick the grimy pinecone, that reminded her of her lovely mother, who would always pick pinecones during their long walks. Whenever the little girl looked at her picking them, she would be curious to know what’s special about them. She once asked her mum why she picked pinecones, and her mother smiled at her saying, “Sometimes, we just need to stop for a moment and pay attention to the beauty that surrounds us.”

Everyone’s perception of beauty is different. According to the girl, the grimy pinecone was beauty, not the golden key, because it reminisced some old memories of her late mother and gave her a sense of belonging.

This is my attempt at a picture prompt. I actually wrote this for a school activity, and decided to post it here. What do you all think? What is beauty to you?

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Keep up with Kamya – All rights reserved


The smell so petrichor like a rainy day,

The leaves so dry, Miss autumn they obey,

The sun so bright, I think it’s a summer afternoon,

I encounter the chilled winter breeze, and realise, it’s time to attune.

– Kamya Seervi

It’s something that I randomly wrote while thinking about how strange this world is. I’m open to any suggestions or feedbacks. Please tell me what you all think.

© Copyright

Keep up with Kamya – All rights reserved

A purpose

How to Stop Feeling Aimless, By Giving Yourself a Purpose
Picture reference

I mourn the death of my soul every day,

And savour its rebirth in every way.

I enjoy the process of unlearning the inappropriate,

And getting the chance to know the reality, by opening a new gate.

For all this time, I had been longing to know life’s meaning,

I realized it’s meaningless, and what matters is I’m breathing.

People waste their whole life trying to find a purpose,

And make their life a living circus.

What they don’t realize is that their purpose is to be created,

By them, in order to do what has been awaited.

I don’t know, if I should do something out of the box,

And break the cycle, which could lead to a reaction that’s redox.

But I know for sure, that I don’t want to be that inhuman being,

Who’s drifting away from nature and its well-being.

I want to be appropriate in this ambiguous world,

And be far away from the deleterious underworld.

– Kamya Seervi

This is a compilation of my random thoughts from last week. I hope you all learn something from it, or teach me something. I wrote my heart out in this, so please do tell me if you liked it, and please don’t hesitate to give any kind of feedback if you wish to.

© Copyright

Keep up with Kamya – All rights reserved

Beyond the clouds

Beyond The Clouds Art Print by Karmen Loh
Picture reference

The real world is nothing but a disappointment,

And my dream world is what I call an ointment,

That I apply to my wounds,

To heal them and forget about the ruins.

A world beyond the clouds,

Where no one else is allowed.

It’s not cold and bittersweet,

There’s just some absence of severe heat.

Running my wild imagination,

Leading myself to extreme elation,

But I must warn myself to be aware,

Of extremely horrifying nightmares.

– Kamya Seervi

© Copyright

Keep up with Kamya – All rights reserved