A mysterious star

My hunger for meaning and validation brought me 33.9 million miles away from home. I never knew that I’d long to go back to the place, that I’ve been trying to run away from all my life. Oblivion has never seemed as settling as it is now, since space is already considered to be infiniteContinue reading “A mysterious star”

It’s time…

Lurking through graveyards, all around the world. Probably, there were too many for it to cover in the span of time it had (literally every place is a graveyard, even one’s heart). It took me in my sleep, into the darkest corner, to tell me that I was dead. It held me in its arms,Continue reading “It’s time…”

Snow in the orchards

“What did your parents say?” asked Aasa, curiously. “What could they say? It felt so awful asking them for it. They really wanted to get it for me, but obviously, they couldn’t afford it. I’m sure they felt like horrible parents who couldn’t fulfill their child’s wish. I could see it in their eyes; theContinue reading “Snow in the orchards”

A nest of happiness…

Once upon a time, two birds were flying side by side. They didn’t know each other, but they felt like they had been flying with each other for days. They swept, they swirled, they flew with each other for days. They roamed around, explored different places together and eventually fell in love. Well, falling inContinue reading “A nest of happiness…”

Time is Sorcery

Below is the narration to a play script I wrote a year ago. I wasn’t into writing back then. I only wrote for school assignments and stuff, but I just decided to put it out here for you all to read and tell me what you think about it. Time is Sorcery Sometimes you mayContinue reading “Time is Sorcery”

The odd pick

Covered in parched leaves and twigs, the glimmering golden key lay there in isolation. It shone into the girl’s pearl-like eyes, but couldn’t allure her. The key could lead her to open a magical door, but she decided to open the door of nostalgia instead. She chose to pick the grimy pinecone, that reminded herContinue reading “The odd pick”

She was too late…

Opening the balcony door, she reached out to the railing. She did what she always did: looked around curiously at the society in front of her; the cemented path below, the dry and pale farms at her left and the branches peeking from the small park. She felt the chilling breeze upon her face, andContinue reading “She was too late…”

The Book Thief

I was staring at the ceiling. It was dark and isolated, but there was a little light that managed to enter through my window. That light shone softly across the room, but it lit my spirit to fire, because what I had witnessed was an unimaginable truth. A truth so painful that it made meContinue reading “The Book Thief”

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