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It’s time…

Lurking through graveyards, all around the world. Probably, there were too many for it to cover in the span of time it had (literally every place is a graveyard, even one’s heart). It took me in my sleep, into the darkest corner, to tell me that I was dead. It held me in its arms, taking me into the dark sky; drifting away from the darkness into the dark. Hmm… Even though, I didn’t know the reason behind my unexpected death, I didn’t think much about it.

I looked up, at the white watery bubbles above, wondering what shapes they’d formed. They reminded me so much of my damp ceiling that had its layers coming off; made them look like the things I was seeing in the sky, right now.

“Those are called clouds”, it said.

“What?” I asked with a mild cough.

“Those things you’re looking at are called clouds, and I’m taking you there.” It smiles at me. Though, it’s lips are quivering, as if it’s forceful.

“They were already there below. They are also present where I live. Except, that they don’t move.” I said, and then wondered if they would behave the same way, if left out in the open sky like these ones; wandering freely.

“That’s one of the reasons, those aren’t clouds, hon. Clouds, like humans, embark on a beautiful journey: facing challenges; beautiful sunsets; separa…” And then it stops, as if it would hurt to complete the word.

Tears well up in its eyes, changing its expression entirely. I see the corners of its mouth bend downwards, and its tears drop like heavy rain.

I don’t know why it saddens, but I can’t see the only being (living, it seems to me), that cared enough to take me with it, be upset.

I observe the clouds, and then ponder for a while. The silence among us grows like wild flowers, and that’s when I decide to open my mouth.

“You know, I’ve been observing these clouds. They separate from one another and then combine again, to make themselves bigger, forming as many shapes as one can think of, just so they can go on with their journey forever. I was separated from the people around me on Earth, from my life, to come continue that journey along with you. I’m so glad it’s you I’ve been destined to go on with.” I say, softly.

A wide smile comes across its face, and it calmly says, “Thank you.”

It’s been a while now, and we’re still drifting away. Drifting into the dark light, into my afterlife, away from inhumanity, into something I consider more human than ever.

I close my eyes as we drift into nothingness; something humans find uncomfortable to be around. It’s finally time for me to feel comfort in things like death’s embrace, that I’m currently in. Time for me to be nothing in the world I left behind and be nothing again in the world I have now entered…

Written by – Kamya Seervi

Author’s note:- This one’s for Akira Jay – the brave and selfless girl. You’ve always done so much for me and so many other people, without having anyone do anything for you. I know you liked this one, when it was in its initial phase of being written. I had left it midway, because I didn’t see the potential in this one, but it’s you who made me realise that it had that potential, just that I had to bring the best out myself. Thank you for always making me feel special, and encouraging me to write when I doubted myself. You inspire me to be no-one else, but my true self, and I’m so grateful to you for that. You’re an incredible person, as well as writer. And again, I’m going to say the same thing I said earlier…

“तुम में एक अलग ही बात है।”

Mark my words. You’re going to leave a big mark on this world, so dare you doubt yourself ever again. Be brave and keep supporting me like you always do. Here’s to being there for each other in all the years to come…


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