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Here’s to a new year…

Here we are again…

Repeating the same things we do every year. The resolutions at the start of the year, turn into lost, forgotten promises to ourselves by the end of the year. We all think of starting afresh, but no-one really does. We’re all just exhausted old souls, bearing with the same life, year by year, hoping for things to go differently, but always forget that different doesn’t mean good.

I am tired and exhausted like never before. I need everything to end, but this new year is reminding me that it’s not over yet; it never will, and that there’s a lot more to come.

So, I can do nothing but let this soul turn older and wiser as each year passes. I think I’ll end this year with a heart warming smile, if not some incomplete goals or resolutions made by a year younger me.

I’m too exhausted to say anything else anymore.

Happy new year to those who find it happy and to those who don’t…

Something beautiful that I captured by the end of the year 2020

Published by kamya

wanting to live in the raptures of life...

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